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Purus Labs BCAAXr

Purus Labs


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Our primary goal in developing BCAA xr was to produce an advanced branched chain amino acid. BCAAs are heavily absorbed within skeletal muscle and help regulate cell growth, blunt muscle breakdown (catabolism) from strenuous exercise and encourage muscle recovery and growth. However, there was a small caveat; we wanted a product that did so without having to tediously watch the clock and consume multiple capsule or powder doses. We wanted an all-in-one type product in an easy to carry and consume format. Sound good? We thought so too. Our unique, time-released formula satisfies all 3 phases of exercise-induced BCAA demand with only a single dosage; the gray beads release rapidly while the black beads release 60 minutes later, quenching your depleted muscles with another shot of BCAAs. Purus labs is proud to introduce BCAAxr, the world's first time-released branched-chain amino acid complex.

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